Sash Window Refurbishment

Sash Windows Refurbishment

Every sash window consists of a large number of elements that can develop faults through wear and tear. The very first sash windows were introduced in the late 17th century and over the next couple of centuries changes in glass manufacture techniques meant that sash windows changed dramatically in style and design.

Depending on the age of your property, your London sash window expert will therefore have different challenges to deal with

Sash window refurbishment specialists Sashco offer

  • Draught proofing
  • Window sill replacement and repairs
  • Sash cord replacement
  • Ease and adjustment for better operation

If you live in a period home in a conservation area, any sash window refurbishment will have to be carried out by an expert. Sashco can offer quality joinery work that can replace your window sills or carry out repairs to your existing window sills, astragals, sash bottom rails or any other part of your timber sash window that needs attention.

From replacing baton rods to window back lining panels, from replacing sash cords to sash hinges and fasteners, from recreating sash window mouldings and adding side hanging systems, Sashco can provide quality craftsmanship and expertise for all your sash window refurbishment needs.

Sash cords suffer considerable wear and tear over time; we can carry out sash cord replacements and ensure your sash windows are eased and adjusted for better operation at the same time. This will cut out irritating rattling during windy weather.

A well fitted sash window that operates smoothly on its sash cords will provide far better heat retention and therefore greater energy efficiency of your home. In addition, we can draught proof your existing sash windows, be they UPVC or timber.

Sashco is happy to discuss all your sash window refurbishment needs. Give us a call to arrange a free survey.

Sash Cord Replacement

You might think if you need sash window cord repair in London that sash window cord repair London specialists will charge a hefty fee. You may be surprised to learn sash window cord repair cost is little. It costs less to replace a broken sash window cord than replace the window. A professional can make your home's windows look like new when he or she replaces baton rods, sash cords and more, to make your window hang correctly, stop rattles, and give you easy-to-open windows.