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SashCo offer trade windows direct from the manufacturer delivered to your site anywhere in the UK.

Focusing on supply of windows to trade customers, we have more than 25 years’ experience within the industry and pride ourselves on providing clients with a very reliable supply service that will always represent good value for money. We will travel to any site within a 5-mile radius free of charge for window measurements and advice.

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UPVC Sash Windows

Architecture in large parts of London and the South East of England still features traditional sash windows. Sash windows are a main feature of Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian architecture and therefore a part of British building heritage.

Sash windows in conservation areas invariably have to be made from wood, but in other parts of our rural and urban landscapes, it is not a requirement to fit timber framed sash windows when replacement windows are needed. UPVC sash windows may be an option.

UPVC Sliding Sash Features

Double and Triple Glazed Windows

Nowadays, triple glazed windows are not massively more expensive than double glazed products. The extra up-front investment aside, properly installed triple glazing offers unrivalled value for money when household energy savings are taken into account over a twenty-year period.

There are some genuine pros and cons to consider when comparing double and triple glazing windows.

The rough and ready method of comparing the energy performance of windows is to use the U value measurement. Traditional windows, with a single pane of glass in them, have a U value in excess of 5. Double glazing used to score over 3, but, over the years, the manufacturing process has undergone a number of improvements and currently the Building Regulations insist that any window you install today should have a U value no worse than 1.6. All of our windows meet the Government’s mandatory Energy BFRC Rating standards.

Pros and cons of double glazing

  • Costs less than triple glazing
  • Reduces heat loss by up to 94%
  • Weighs much less than triple glazing
  • UK’s most popular type of window
  • Harnesses more of sun’s energy than triple glazing
  • Less energy efficient than triple glazing
  • Not as durable as triple glazing

Pros and cons of triple glazing

  • Most energy efficient glazing option
  • Boasts the lowest U-value of any domestic window
  • Better acoustic performance & more sound insulation
  • Extremely durable and stronger than double glazing
  • Harder to break into & provides extra security
  • More expensive than double glazing
  • Much heavier than double glazing

Bespoke Sash Windows

As a window supplier to trade, we also specialise in creating new made-to-measure sash windows and casement windows. With the ability to create practically any moulding shape, our services are especially valued by clients in conservation areas, where it is imperative to match a particular window moulding to existing styles. If you choose timber framed sash window replacements in either hardwood or softwood, all our bespoke sash windows are made to measure and adhere strictly to current building regulations.

Bespoke sash window frames

Save with Self Installation

If you are a competent fitter, we are happy to provide windows for you to install yourself.

  • Certified as compliant with the B-regs by a FENSA registered fitter
  • Inspected for compliance by building control.

Building Control will issue you with a completion certificate or the FENSA installer with a compliance certificate. Either way is satisfactory and will give you the relevant paperwork needed in the event the house goes through conveyancing at a later date.


Large Order Discounts

Large orders allow us to bring unit costs down. These cost savings achieved through economy of scale are passed on to our clients.

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